Relayer Network
Setup Relayer Scripts
This page contains documentation on how to setup your Relayer bot with the Relay3r-jobs repo scripts
    NodeJS (12 or higher)
    A bonded Relayer wallet
    Basic knowledge of unix / command line tasks
    A rented vps or spare computer
First, clone the relay3r-jobs repo and cd into it by executing this command:
git clone && cd relay3r-jobs
Next, run:
yarn && node createwallet
This will give you the mnemonic, privatekey, and public address of the newly created wallet. After which, do the following:
    Send approximately $50 to $60 USD to the newly created ETH wallet address for gas costs
    Transfer relayers rights from currently bonded wallet to the new wallet address via relayer website.
    Rename the file 'env.example' to '.env'
    Configure the .env file with the previously generated mnemonic and Infura Project ID from Infura.
    Open a tmux session with tmux
    Execute node src/index.js
    Detach from tmux and let the script run in the background.
The tmux session will run in the background, trying to execute workable jobs automatically.
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