Setup Relayer Scripts

This page contains documentation on how to setup your Relayer bot with the Relay3r-jobs repo scripts


  • NodeJS (12 or higher)

  • A bonded Relayer wallet

  • Basic knowledge of unix / command line tasks

  • A rented vps or spare computer

First, clone the relay3r-jobs repo and cd into it by executing this command:

git clone && cd relay3r-jobs

Next, run:

yarn && node createwallet

This will give you the mnemonic, privatekey, and public address of the newly created wallet. After which, do the following:

  • Send approximately $50 to $60 USD to the newly created ETH wallet address for gas costs

  • Transfer relayers rights from currently bonded wallet to the new wallet address via relayer website.

  • Rename the file 'env.example' to '.env'

  • Configure the .env file with the previously generated mnemonic and Infura Project ID from Infura.

  • Open a tmux session with tmux

  • Execute node src/index.js

  • Detach from tmux and let the script run in the background.

The tmux session will run in the background, trying to execute workable jobs automatically.